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ParentalWatch is Free and Open Source Software that allows you to see what your child has accessed on the Internet and automatically blocks sites with adult content.

ParentalWatch also lets you easily add custom blocks based on your own personal assessment of a website's content.


A parent monitoring their child's internet activity

Safeguard Your Kids

Constant and easy access to an unfiltered Internet has allowed our nation's youth to be bombarded with inappropriate content.

Take back control and help safeguard your kids.

Conquer Countermeasures

Web History

ParentalWatch captures ALL Web digital footprints, even if history and cookies are cleared in the browser.

Incognito Mode has no effect on ParentalWatch!


This easy-to-use, customizable program allows you, the parent, to identify and block potentially dangerous websites your child may be viewing.

ParentalWatch is fully customizable.

  • Automatically blocks adult-content websites
  • Create your own blacklist of websites
  • Add and monitor as many computers as you want
web blocking image

How ParentalWatch Works

Browsers on a computer WITHOUT ParentalWatch

Diagram of a computer connecting to the Internet

Browsers on a computer without ParentalWatch pass straight through and interact directly with the various web servers comprising the Internet.

Browsers on a computer WITH ParentalWatch

Browsers on a computer using ParentalWatch log all Internet traffic and blocks blacklisted sites.

Diagram of a computer connecting to the Internet using ParentalWatch

Remote Parent Access

Parent monitoring child's computer remotely

ParentalWatch has the option of allowing parents to have remote access to the child's logging history. Parents can use any Linux or Windows computer to view logs, blacklist or unban sites, and add additional computers for monitoring.

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